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FIDGET PILL - Blue Anodised

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Fidget CAPSULE, 2 piece magnetic skill toy, EDC haptic fidget toy to relieve stress, anxiety, ADHD and Autism

 The 2-piece magnetic Fidget Digit Capsule

The Fidget Capsule comes in two different sizes and textures as well as six colours including natural Aluminium, Black and Purple. The capsule is designed specifically to hold your Fidget Slider.

The Fidget Capsule is ideal for those who enjoy moving multiple pieces around their fingers simultaneously. Each piece has magnets at either side so you can ‘snap’ the Fidget Capsule together. You have the ability to let go of the capsule allowing it to ‘pop’ back together giving a very satisfying feeling.

All parts are removable and modular, you can swap colours to fully customise your Fidget Digit Capsule and mix and match your parts for an individual look to fit your specific needs.


* 1x Fidget Digit Capsule Aluminium – 2 pieces (each piece is 22.5mm long)  

SMALL SPECS (to hold all Mini Fidget Sliders):

* Material: Aluminium
* Weight: 20 grams
* Length: 45 mm (22.5mm per half) 
* DIA: 23mm INSIDE DIA: 17mm


LARGE SPECS (to hold all standard Fidget Sliders):

* Material: Aluminium
* Weight: 25 grams
* Length: 45 mm (22.5mm per half) 
* DIA: 27mm INSIDE DIA: 20mm

Things to come;

More materials

New designs 

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